I've accomplished a lot in the past week. 

I still don't know how to insert big photos in this blog- links will have to do- sorry.

The Bad Sues were mailed Tuesday- a day late, but they are gone!  I'm pleased. Check her out.

I bought MORE sweaters to felt for purses!! Here is the pink one from the other week- I get lots of compliments on this.

This past week I cranked out some bunnies from the Wee Wonderful pattern- they are cute!! I'm going to put them in the kids' Easter baskets.  I like to give them a new bunny each year.

And last night I made felted eggs– SO COOL!!!! The felt is over styrofoam eggs, so they will last forever.  I need to find someplace that sells wool roving…………….

Tonight we are celebrating Hunter's (the chocolate lab) birthday.  He's 2 years old.  I need to buzz to the grocery store for pork chops and tater tots and such.  So said DH.  Then I'm back home to make the cake- yes, I'm that insane to make a CAKE for the dog.  Actually I have a cake in the freezer- I just need to make icing. Unfortunately no chocolate.

I think we'll eat outside- it's supposed to get up to 79* today!  HOT DOG!!

In just 6 days the kids and I are off for our Easter/Spring Break trip!  We will go to my good friend Beth's house in Charlotte then continue down to Hotlanta, Jaw-juh for almost a week.  We'll be back for Maundy Thursday- I don't want to miss it.

Maybe I'll have some knitting done- I finally started my poncho (I'll find the link later).  It seemed very wrong at first- doesn't all knitting???- but it's ironed out and looks good.  the circular needles are cool- I love not having to switch hands.

OOOHHHHH!!! Score- I bought a knitting kit at Target for $3.47- 75% off!  And it's so cute- a capelet with a knitted flower.  It came with the yarn, cicruclar needles, an instructional DVD, tapestry needle. You can't by the yarn for that price!!! I got one for my good friend Theresa (don't read this Theresa!!) for her birthday.  I thought it would be better than me trying to teach her alone- I'm a leftie and she's not.

I need to get to the grocery store- blecch.  Bye for now!


Thursday at the Library

March 23, 2006

 Our computer is all wonky at home- I’m working at the library instead.  Can’t beat that fast connection!

 Unfortunately I can’t insert a disk to upload pictures- BUMMER!  I was all set to show you some more stuff.

I made one batch of felted bags- very cool.  Once you get the hang of it, it’s easy.  Here is the link to the instructions.  I just felted four more sweaters today!! Christmas will be taken care of in NO time………. This project came from the book Altered Knits by Leigh Radford.  I haven’t seen the book for real but the reviews around the web are favorable.

I’m almost done with my “Bad Sue”s.  I’m down to appliqueing the bonnets and then the embroidery. No sweat! The swap coordinator has already started posting some of the entries.

Ray is sitting beside me playing his own computer games.  I realized today the library has headphones for kids to do online games- now Ray can sit beside me while I work- SWEET! We really like Boowa and Kwala.

My goodness- I almost forgot- I hung with a cool crafty SAHM friend on Tuesday- our boys are in the same preschool class.  We had SO much fun— and we felted!!! I’ve been avoiding it because I know I’ll like it.  I’m right!  We are going to get together again to make Easter eggs- beautiful….

My project for Friday is to crank out some bunnies using Wee Wonderful’s free pattern– I love her!!

Mom is coming this weekend- hi MOM!! Gotta clean too……yikes……….

Let’s try Again

March 18, 2006

We learn from our mistakes, right?  Well, I’m not sure I’m learning yet, so expect to see more mistakes.

MAYBE you will see Penny today………

Penny enjoying Spring

YEAH!!!  I’ll next figure out how to make it bigger………


Every day is an opportunity to make a new happy ending.

Why is it that some people just don’t get it?  Isn’t it logical that most people would want their lives to be happy and comfortable and without strife?

We have a relative who just churns up controversy and makes life hard for herself and everyone else.  It seems the more you try to help the bigger she craps on you.  I guess it’s like kids- “even bad attention is attention.”  But to insult people who really work to make your life better out of a sense of duty and love just boggles my mind.

Without going into details, last night was a “1/3 bottle of port” night after a conversation with her (I was NOT the one on the phone!! I can’t handle it anymore).

I think it’s “cut bait” time…….. God wants us to be forgiving but He DOESN’T wnat us to be stupid and subject ourselves to other’s poisonous words and behavior!

Off to enjoy this chilly (43*) but sunny day with the kids!


March 17, 2006

I have SO many things due this month it isn’t funny.  I’m going to do the March challenge at Tie One On– I love this site!  I previously did the……..October? challenge and it was cool.  This month’s is a no-brainer- Penny is already dressed and ready for her close-up.  I’ll insert a pic when I figure out HOW!


I’m also doing the current Bad Sue swap.  This cracks me up- Sunbonnet Sue goes to the dark side. I’ll show you my entry when I’m done. I have to make SIX quilt blocks and have them mailed by the 27th!

For fun yesterday I tried making tote bags out of felted sweaters. I’m DEFINITELY going to be making these for Christmas presents!  Yes friends and family, I’m letting the cat out of the bag. (HA HA!  Cat……bag…..I crack myself up!) More on this topic tomorrow…….

My corned beef is almost done- I need to peel potatoes and start chopping the cabbage.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


Hello world!

March 16, 2006

Good gravy!! I have a BLOG!! This was a wild hair.  I’ll post more when I figure out how to “do” this.  I’m constantly searching the ‘Net for cool crafts or anything else of interest, so you’ll never know what you will find here!