Spring Has Sprung

April 29, 2006

It's Saturday, I'm getting ready to make that trek out in to the world, with the kids- a trek I DREAD!!  It's so much easier to go by myself- 'nuf said……..

We will go BACK to Jo-Ann Fabrics- they have a mega sale right now.  I looked at the fabrics I bought for the HandMaidens (my church's Linus project group), and I HAVE to go back and get more for myself- I mean it's a DOLLAR a yard!!!!

We will also visit Home Depot- I need a new hand trowel, wasp spray, vacuum cleaner bags, etc.  Nothing glamorous.

Yesterday Gary revved up the lawnmower, cut the front yard.  I got out the big shears (I call them nippers- whatever!!!) and cut all sorts of limbs and small trees.  I felt like Mengele, picking and choosing and chopping down.  I think the stumps tried to sabotage me- they kept tripping me.  Then I dragged all the flotsam down to the front ditch and we burned it- all gone!

And I need to finish a quilt block today- I'll show it to you later- it's VERY pretty!  This latest one is hand applique- I also have a paper-pieced block.  Both are for a SECRET project……..

I don't know about you, but our weather is AWESOME- it's gotten cooler, but it's still nice.  We've had up to 85* days, but mostly it's been in the 70*s, blue skies, low humidity.  Everything is green and blooming (or bloomed).  The irises are making their debut now.  I have a puny azalea which never grew beyond it's diminutive size- and it's blooming!!! I don't mean a little, I mean the whole thing is pink- like an old lady's bathing cap or a strawberry-flavored sno-ball cake.

Bye for now!!


Thought I'd post on my last night in Atlanta, Georgia. The kids and I have had a great time.

Today we went to the High Museum downtown to see the Gee's Bend quilts– very cool.

Tomorrow we start the long trek back home for Easter weekend. I hope you have a meaningful rest of Holy Week and a joyful Easter Sunday!