Slowing Down

May 31, 2006

Things have slowed down considerably- thank GOODNESS!!  Preschool has ended for the 2005-2006 school year and daughter’s dance recital is DONE. 

 The recital was a killer- the first act was an HOUR AND A HALF!!!  DD didn’t dance until 40 minutes into the SECOND act!!  I never saw the 3rd act- it was all waaaay too long. And with the Friday performance starting at 7:00 pm, and 2 performances on Saturday……..well you do the math.

Since then I’ve been  on a rip and a tear.  I made 2 quilt tops in 2 days!!  They are just a two fabric checkerboard design, about the size of a twin top, but I like them a lot.  They are my sitting on the sofa/napping on the sofa/going on a picnic quilts.  Homey and simple.  Now I need to pit backs on them.

I also cut my hair off- well, not ME– my hairdresser.  After DD said my chin-length bob made me look like Willy Wonka, I knew it HAD to go.  So off I went and off came the hair.  It’s short again- quite cute.  In fact I look like my mom- it freaked us both out!  Not that that’s a bad thing by ANY means- it’s just uncanny.

I’ll add pictures next time around.

Tonight I’m getting ready for guests tomorrow- I’m throwing myself a BIRTHDAY PARTY!!!  Just a couple friends and their kids, food, cake.  I’m making turkey and apple wraps, fruited lentil and brown rice salad, blanched broccoli with peanut dip— and of course a homemade cake with buttercream icing. 

The cake is from a freebie issue of Cook’s Country, put out by the Cook’s Illustrated people.  It’s called a Brown-Eyed Susan Cake- it’s chocolate and orange and is suppose dto have cute black-eyed susan flowers on top made from candied orange peels and chocolate chips, but I couldn’t find the peels, so I simplified the decorations.  Well, I have none planned at the moment.  We’ll have to see what happens in the morning when I construct it!!  I would have done it tonight but there isn’t enough room in the fridge for the cake plate. *sigh*……

I need to go and clean a bit- make the place more presentable for tomorrow…….. bye!


Crunch Time

May 24, 2006

This is just a teaser post- ha ha!! I've been SO busy and I can't write again until next week. End of preschool, stuff at church, daughter's dance recital, etc., etc……….

I'll be back soon. Lots to tell!