Stuff and stuff and stuff

November 25, 2006

Yes, I’m a horrible blogger.  Not knowing exactly what I’m doing coupled with an old home computer DOES slow me down.  Let’s see if this post will take……..

 Ok, since last we met— I don’t even remember!  Since early October I’ve been franctically working on making things for a craft bazaar at my church.  Well, ok………I’ve known about the show in early October, I started REALLY crankin’ the good out in early November. The hubby was away on a hunting trip for 2 weeks and when i was able to squeak out the time, I was sewing.  I had to shovel out a place at the dining room table for the kids to eat!!!

 But it went well- I feel energized and like I’m moving back toward where I should be.  I haven’t sold anything in at least 8 years!!  It’s nice when people like what you do so much they’ll pay money for it.  So many people had no idea what I have done or can do. (Like the fact that I made all the  bouquets, corsages, bout.s, etc. for my wedding.  Out of ribbon.)

 Here are some photos:  I used some of my old props from when I used to sell at shows.  This is the end of the table with my ribbonry.  In this photo you see a bunch of stuff.  Down on this end of the table was my felted sweater bags and ham bags.   Yes, HAM BAGS – a big hit here in Virginia.  they are purses/back packs. 

Other winners were the acorn pincushions and the strawberry pincushions

I was very happy with the show.

 Now we are on to Christmas though, and I’m WOEFULLY behind!  I have some ideas- I’ll show you later. 

And as soon as I have my pincushion challenge swap package ready (should be tomorrow) I’ll post a picture of that too.  My ideas were mighty cute if I say so myself!!