Welcome to the 21st Century!

February 18, 2007

Holy mackerel, this is cool.  We FINALLY moved in to the modern age and have DSL at home.  It took a trip to Staples for a computer tune-up, memory upgrade and Ethernet cable installation, but it is all working and I am zipping around the Internet now.  HALLELUJAH!!

Let’s see…….. after Christmas I tried to a take little break from “doing,” but as always it didn’t work.  I’m still trying to scale back and not take on anything else.

I’m slated to be on Team for a Spring Cursillo– not something I thought I could do at this stage of my life (kids, husband with a stressful job), but God laid it all before me and paved my way to do this. He is SO GOOD!!! So I couldn’t say no to Him.

I have a couple quilts in the works- ones I started before Christmas (well, some were FOR Xmas, but not any more).  I think they will be birthday presents.  I’ll post pics later.

My quilting group at church is going good- I put on a workshop about quilting basics last month.  We have many quilts in the works.

And the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Show is this week!  My annual girl-time away!!  I’ll be gone Wednesday through Sunday.  I’m not taking any classes (bummer) but it will be fun none-the-less. 

Well, I better let the hubby get on the computer- this DSL rocks the house!!!!!!!!

Talk with you later……. I have new crafts to show you!