Free at last!!!

April 9, 2007

Well after a hectic Lent and jam-packed Easter, the kids are off to grandparents’ and I’M here home with hubby for four days!!!  I need to decide what on my monstrous to-do list I will get done……..


One awesome thing I made for Easter- actually my Dad’s birthday- was an ice cream cake, or bombe.  I sort of winged it and it turned out great.  Here is a picture- sorry for the messy plate.

I lined a metal mixing bowl with plastic wrap and then brownies, all pieced to fit.  Then I filled the center with Breyer’s raspberry chip ice cream (MMmmmm!!!!). After it was re-frozen overnight I put it on a plate, iced it with Cool Whip and drizzled chocolate over the top to look fancy.  IT was a big hit.

Also on the Easter table was  60 minute rolls- my mom sent me the recipe and they are HEAVEN!!! They taste like Ukrop’s White House rolls or good southern rolls and they really only take 60 minutes- from start to cooling rack. AND it makes 2 dozen!!!!!

60 minute rolls

For Saturday night I made linguine with clam sauce– thanks John for the recipe! It rocked! (It’s the closest to his mother’s he could find for me- )  Easter dinner included Smithfield spiral ham, roasted fingerling potatoes, cold dilly beans (they are sort of pickled), spinach with hot bacon dressing, the rolls, deviled eggs, and later the bombe and Is it Really Better Than S*x? Cake by Paula Deen (bad girl!).

I guess I’ll go make myself another ham sandwich for dinner!  DH will be home soon…… talk to you later!!

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