Dolly Dolly

April 10, 2007


Ok, so I’m weird (like you didn’t already know that..), but I collect the McDonald’s Happy Meal Madame Alexander dolls.  They are cute, affordable, and well made. (And the value shoots right up!!  Doll people are nuts.)

Usually they come out in October- I always watch for them.  We rarely eat at McDonald’s so I’m not in there often otherwise.  Well what do you know- this year they came out NOW!!! And they’ve been out for weeks- grrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!

The theme is Wizard of Oz (isn’t everything this year?? Have you noticed? This is the 3rd thing I’ve seen.)  I’m all out of sorts because the last 2 dolls are currently out, and I had to go to three McD’s to find THEM.  I’m gong to ask to buy the display models today…….. I’m determined!!!!

One doll I DID get- the Angry Chicken rag doll patterns.  After she made and showed the doll on her blog last year I did my own version- not bad I think for making from scratch with nothing but a picture to go on! As soon as I can find the disk with the picture on it I’ll post it.

 I’m off to return a movie and try to buy McD’s display dolls!! [Side note: I did ask, and I was successful!! I’ll get them when the promo is over!]

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