April 20, 2007

All kinds of stuff is going on right now- Cursillo is next week, my MIL is in the hospital with a blood clot, little boy has a touch of stomach “thing”- if it’s not one thing it’s another.  And the ultimate sadness across the state at VA Tech.  We all need to be grateful for the blessings God gives us.

I did get the McD Wizard of Oz dolls-the good news is, besides just getting them is that the manager gave me the WHOLE display background too AND sold it to me for $5!!! (I think it was under the table- just a hunch- whatever)  Unfortunately Glenda the Good Witch is missing, so I’m inquiring at another McD to buy their display.  I want a complete set!  I did a quick Google search- people are crazy for them….. I saw a single doll on eBay for $9.99!!!

Here are a couple of diversions-

printed linen fabric– I’m a sucker for pansies- the clover looks like crown vetch to me- very pretty too

Beautiful site– whether you know French of not

Sugared flowers– I say I’m going to sugar my violets every year- maybe this year

Off to face the day!

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