Tea for Two

April 23, 2007

My daughter and I went to a Mothers Daughters and Friends Tea yesterday to benefit the Dinwiddie/McKenney Woman’s Club.  It was a glorious day- well over 80*, sunny and breezy.  The home we visited was beautifully appointed and it sat over-looking a lake and horse pasture.  All the ladies (and few gentlemen, like the minister) sat on the back deck or on the lawn or pergola.  The hostess’s sister brought a gaggle of ducklings which delighted the children.  Lovely!!  At the end we received a cute little party favor.

You can imagine the food- YUM-O. Chicken salad in those little pastry cups, pimento cheese sandwiches, salmon mousse, cheese and crackers, PB&J for the kids, cheese straws, lemon squares, all kinds of cookies like macaroons and such.

I love tea- it’s so fun.  I used to have tea a lot- fun little tea parties to large ones for groups.  I have a tea pot purse like this but mine is green.

Everyone cringes at the thought of having tea, but it is SO easy!! All you need is a table, cute napkins, a few eats and the tea!!! A small vase of flowers and you have decorations!!  Tea is about people, not which pinkie finger is in the air!  And it’a a great excuse to put on a cute hat.

Here are some good links to get you started:

Sandwiches, Quick Tips and Etiquette, Links and how-tos, More theme ideas.

One of my favorite recipes- lavender lemonade.  Sure to knock the socks off everyone- they will think you are Martha Stewart’s long-lost 2nd daughter!!!

I need to get going on my LOOONG to-do list…….Bye!

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