Strawberry Therapy

May 11, 2007

I’ve had one of those weeks- the kind you wish you could get back some how?  Dealing with my MIL and all her “stuff,” etc.  Trying to make chicken salad out of chicken $&@#.  A no-win situation when the person who needs help fights you tooth and nail!  As with all of life, it can only be fixed by- da-da-da-DAAAAA!!!  GOD!!!  I just pray that nothing tragic happens to her and he will change her heart.  God was the only thing keeping me strong and sane these past 7 days……

So, what did I do today to soothe my nerves? Some Strawberry Therapy!!  I went berry picking at Adams Acres in Dinwiddie County, Virginia.


It was great- warm day in the 80*s, breezy, very quiet.  I had some nice “alone” time.  The fields were brimming with berries- I made one pass down a row and picked this much.

I plan on making jam at some point this season, but tonight I will make an awesome dessert- strawberry pudding.  The name leaves a LOT to be desired- I’d rather call it “strawberry delight” or something.  And if you use low-fat or no-fat and sugar products it’s not that bad health-wise.  Just in time for Mother’s Day!  Here’s the recipe:

Strawberry Pudding

1 qt. fresh strawberries, sliced
1/2 c. sugar
1 pkg. strawberry jello
3 boxes instant vanilla pudding
3 c. cold milk
1 c. sour cream
1 large container cool whip (I used 2- 8 oz. containers)
1 box vanilla wafers
Combo first 3 ingredients in saucepan and heat until jello dissolves. Set aside.Mix pudding with milk. Fold in sour cream and 3/4 cool whip (I did 8 oz.).Use a 9×13 dish. layer vanilla wafers in dish and then put layer of pudding mix, then layer strawberries (including liquid)- continue to layer wafer, pudding and strawberries until all 3 ingredients are used up. Put in fridge to let the strawberry layer jell- about 15 minutes. Top with remaining cool whip. (I add fresh sliced strawberries on top as decoration.) Refrigerate 2 hours before serving.

I saw this as I drove through the country- cracked me UP!! Nope, can’t tell at all what’s there.

I’m working on a baby quilt for a friend- SHHHH!!! It’s a secret!  And now I’m behind because of the MIL fiasco…… But anyway- this is the mock-up.  I’m still trying to decide what else to do- I want it to be baby-sized, which is much bigger than what i have so far. Work in progress!

 The kids are hungry and that dessert won’t make itself…. talk to you later!


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