Gimme a minute…….

June 25, 2007


Even though school is out I’m still going a million miles an hour.  I’ll post about some of it soon- just not today.

Ok- silly diversion website-  I Can Has Cheezburger– it has all sorts of silly pictures like the one above.

Talk to you again very soon!



School’s Out!

June 14, 2007

Today was the last day of school.   Whooooooo- HOOOOO!!!  I still get excited at snow days and holidays, even if I am not the one in school.  I picked up my child at school and the school buses circled around and around in front of the school like cowboys at a rodeo.  The teachers stood on the front sidewalk with paper tears taped to their cheeks, waving, while the children leaned out of the bus windows smiling and waving and yelling wildly.  It was great!

Once the kids get their fill of TV we’ll start on our summer project.  Last year we attempted to collect postcards from every state in the union- mailed to the kids from that particular state.  I think we ended up with 3/4 and at least five foreign countries!!!

This year we might do a letter writing/pen pal project.  Writing at least one letter a week, sending special things, etc. Of course to be a penpal the other kid has to be committed to it also, and that’s why I haven’t decided 100%.

I finished the elephant baby quilt top I started for a friend.  Now I need to quilt it.  I’ll post pictures soon.  I like how the appliques turned out.

Baby elephant quilt   Here is the photo to the right again, a close-up of the baby, a close-up of the mama, a detail shot of the clouds, and the whole quilt (showing the borders).  The borders aren’t perfect, but what ya gonna do with a plaid!!

OH! And thanks be to God, those little eggs in that little nest finally hatched today!!! I’ve been worried sick that they weren’t viable- it’s been at least 6 weeks!!  I’m not sure how many are hatched- I don’t want to spook the mother away from her babies.  I peeked and saw a couple tiny open mouths- their little heads are the size of peas!!

One more thing- watch the show Creature Comforts on CBS- it’s hilarious!!  I watched it online- I was laughing out loud.  It’s claymation done by the Wallace & Grommit guys.  Check it out!