January 22, 2008

Just a quick note- the soup swap was a success today!  We had five people come to the gathering, and two who left soup to be swapped by proxy.  After some munchies and chit-chat we started drawing numbers and picking our soups!  There were many to choose from- Italian Wedding Soup, Chicken Corn Chowder, Mushroom Soup with Sherry, Vegetable Beef, Thai Curry Butternut Squash Soup, Black Bean and Salsa, White Chicken Chili, Uptown Beef Vegetable and Chili. Hot DOG!!

I brough the Butternut and Black Bean soups.  The Thai Butternut is to die for- just use Thai curry paste.  The Black Bean soup is good with changes- I doubled the recipe and added a half a lime’s worth of juice, a handful of cilantro, probably 3x the cumin, about a tablespoon of jarred jalapeno slices……. I think that’s it.



January 11, 2008

365 2008-01-03

I’m having fun doing my photo-a-day project!!  Sometimes I forget to take my camera “everywhere I go,” but I haven’t forgotten to do a day altogether. The above is one of my first day photos.

You can see my pics so far or in the future right here– on the right is “Project 365.” I can’t post every day’s photos yet- I’m going to run out of my monthly allotment of memory- at least until I figure out how to make my photos smaller!

Besides that I’m just back-to-basics- doing what I need to do, no frills or extras.  It’s kinda nice.  I’m not crafting but I am reading- Thomas Lynch’s The Undertaking.  Not exactly peppy, but it is very good and positive.

I need to go work on dinner- the basics!


January 3, 2008

I haven’t done much today (kids are still out of school), but I did get dressed and right now I’m making granola from a Mommy Coddle recipe. DH needs easy pick-up food for work lunches, and the kids are always game for a snack.  It’s in the oven- I’m just waiting and stirring, and waiting and stirring……

I halved the recipe- I don’t have bowls big enough for 5 pounds of oats!- and I added golden raisins, some plumped-up dates (they seemed too hard), walnuts and pecans. Oh!  And some soy powder for added protein.  I’ll let you know if it turns out.  Has promise to be a good gift.

I also decided today that I’m going to try a Project 365: Photo a Day. Yup, take a picture a day for a whole year. A worthy goal I think, especially considering I finally bought my birthday/anniversary camera. Hopefully I will learn how to use my Canon EOS Rebel XTI to boot!

Where have YOU been?!?!

January 2, 2008

Where have I been?!?!

Yes, it’s been a LONG time since I wrote.  Once Autumn hit I bit off more than I could chew (2 craft shows, working PT, in addition to my family), and it was terrible.  I thought I was going to lose my mind.  TOO MUCH!!

So in 2008 I’m going to say “no” a LOT more, I’m going to only do what I want and what I need to do.

Christmas was great- we went out of town, and I pretty much sat on my butt for a week.  I took no crafts, no sewing, so knitting- no projects what-so-ever.

School for the kids doesn’t start until next week, so we are just hanging out until then.  I’m going to start making plans, but nothing too taxing for the moment.

But I AM going to plan a soup swap for January. I think it will be great fun and not too hard for people.  I know some moms with under-12-mo.-old babies, and I’d like them to attend.

See you later, but not too much later!

 P.S.- Did you see the Holiday Craft blog over at Sew, Mama, Sew! ??? It’s been absolute heaven…… I’m going to use a bunch of the ideas for next year…..ooops! I guess it’s now this year!