Almost Spring

March 14, 2008

365 2008-03-03
Even though I said I was going to cut back on all the “stuff” I agree to do, it hasn’t helped. I guess it’s Lent and all that- it’s always a bust time at church.  Potluck every week, more services, etc.  There has been a rash of funerals at church too, and I of course offered to help with those.  How can one NOT help??

This Sunday is Palm Sunday, the start of Holy Week– very busy.  But I love it.  Yes, it’s depressing and all, but it’s like a sling shot- the further you pull back, the farther you fly into the happiness of Easter when you let go.  One needs to be in touch with the reality of Christ’s sacrifice- all the pain and suffering- to understand and appreciate Him and His love for us all.  Can we ever repay Him?- no, but we can certainly honor and love Him by acknowledging Him,  living God’s word and fulfilling our place in the Body of Christ- however big or small.


I haven’t been doing many crafts of sewing but I have found a bunch of cool links- check out the new additions to my “Lovely Places”.  There are a handful of great tutorial pages- enough to fulfill all your Christmas and birthday needs.

I need to go meet a good friend for lunch- Thai food!! I’m off my head with joy!!!!!!!!