Summer Fun

July 30, 2008

Hello kiddies!!

I’m back from our trip to Michigan.  Had a great time, too short as always.  While there I biked on the local Rail Trail– beautiful!!! So peaceful.  I saw turkeys and lots of chipmunks.

On the ride up and back the kids and I listened to the Narnia books on CD– totally cool!! I highly recommend this collection by Focus on the Family.  In total it’s 22 hours long. 

While in Michigan I went to a lot of yard sales, commuity rummage sales and some thrift stores. Bargains galore!!!  Bale top glass jars, a glass candy jar with glass lid,  boxes of canning jars for like $1, a 3’x5′ real oil painting of ships at sea for DS for $5 (no kidding!!! i had to put it in his room in MI- too big for the car ride home), a dozen miniature trees for my Christmas scene for 25 cents per pair, etc.

One of my favorite find were little vintage Christmas elf ornaments, marked “Japan.”  I almost wigged when i saw them- in perfect shape, nothing missing, adorable.  And (*sit down*) they were a quarter each!!!!!

We also went up to Tawas City to “the beach.”  It was nice and family-oriented- not flashy.  There are so many cute cottages to stay in! I think we actually stayed in East Tawas.  Oscoda is nice too- they have a tea shop.

We stopped at the Williams Cheese Co. on the beach trip.  I had flashed of Willie Wonka’s oompaloompas while watching the white-coated and hair-netted ladies slicing and packaging cheese behind the glass window in the processing area.

I didn’t work on ANY of my sewing projects I took to Michigan 😦 . Hopefully this summer before school starts again. I want to make a funky calico bird quilt- I’ll show you once it’s under construction.

I need to go do some chores, but the last thing I want to recommmend are the Goosberry Patch Christmas books- there are now nine of them.  SO MANY good recipes!!!  I photocopied a zillion pages from the library in Michigan.

Off to accomplish something…….. bye!


Summer is Here

July 5, 2008

Well we are doing the summer thang- staying up late, sleeping in late, not doing much in between.  We leave next week for our annual family vacation up north, so that will be a nice change of pace.

The Mid-Summer’s Eve party was a raging success.  I was afraid people weren’t going to show, but then the perfect number did and we had a grand time.  We had a bonfire but thankfully no one tried to jump it.  The sangria was gone in no-time – it was GUUUUD!! (I “Samantha’ed” it- changed the recipe. I didn’t have OJ, I added the peach schnapps in addition to the other liquors, used Reunite Lambrusco and Arbor Mist Sangria, added ginger ale (dind’t measure though).)  This will be our annual event.

But, our 4th of July stank. Stunk.  It wasn’t fun.  Dh worked, and then our fireworks got rained out.  The kids were horribly disappointed- and me too- it’s my favorite holiday.  I was pining for my 1812 Overture with howitzers…..  But there are fireworks rescheduled for tonight, so that slightly makes up for it.  No howitzers though.

Holy smokes!!  I’m all but swooning!! Sew Mama Sew is having a mid-summer Month of Sewing- it’s tutorial and idea madness!! Can you hear me hyperventilating?!?!  Too cool.

I think it’s time for me to start packing~ be back later.

Here is something fun I stumbled across!! 

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