Summer Fun

July 30, 2008

Hello kiddies!!

I’m back from our trip to Michigan.  Had a great time, too short as always.  While there I biked on the local Rail Trail– beautiful!!! So peaceful.  I saw turkeys and lots of chipmunks.

On the ride up and back the kids and I listened to the Narnia books on CD– totally cool!! I highly recommend this collection by Focus on the Family.  In total it’s 22 hours long. 

While in Michigan I went to a lot of yard sales, commuity rummage sales and some thrift stores. Bargains galore!!!  Bale top glass jars, a glass candy jar with glass lid,  boxes of canning jars for like $1, a 3’x5′ real oil painting of ships at sea for DS for $5 (no kidding!!! i had to put it in his room in MI- too big for the car ride home), a dozen miniature trees for my Christmas scene for 25 cents per pair, etc.

One of my favorite find were little vintage Christmas elf ornaments, marked “Japan.”  I almost wigged when i saw them- in perfect shape, nothing missing, adorable.  And (*sit down*) they were a quarter each!!!!!

We also went up to Tawas City to “the beach.”  It was nice and family-oriented- not flashy.  There are so many cute cottages to stay in! I think we actually stayed in East Tawas.  Oscoda is nice too- they have a tea shop.

We stopped at the Williams Cheese Co. on the beach trip.  I had flashed of Willie Wonka’s oompaloompas while watching the white-coated and hair-netted ladies slicing and packaging cheese behind the glass window in the processing area.

I didn’t work on ANY of my sewing projects I took to Michigan 😦 . Hopefully this summer before school starts again. I want to make a funky calico bird quilt- I’ll show you once it’s under construction.

I need to go do some chores, but the last thing I want to recommmend are the Goosberry Patch Christmas books- there are now nine of them.  SO MANY good recipes!!!  I photocopied a zillion pages from the library in Michigan.

Off to accomplish something…….. bye!

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