How do they do it?

August 14, 2008

I don’t know how bloggers with kids like Angry Chicken keep up a blog, and have interesting photos and tutorials and crafts and Etsy items, AND take care of their families!!!  I’m only able to add to this one because the kids are still with grandparents.  I only have 2 days left however……….

So on with the crafts!

I painted this: a doll house.  I bought it at Michaels– it’s actually a CD holder.  Who is it for? Me.  Why?  Because.  I’m going to put some of my little dolls and little minis in it- including my cute Re-Ment dishes (I swear I could get drunk off these adorable little things!!).   I made a blueberry pie and a cherry pie for the house.  Now I need curtains and furniture!  And shelves……… More pics to come as it progresses……….

I’m happy with the dozen napkins I made for gifts this week.  Here are the ones for my mom- my grama made her black and white placemats and I found this PERFECT fabric for napkins.

I’ve never attempted a tutorial for anything (maybe one day), but here is my way of making not-for-having-Martha-over-for-lunch napkins. 

  1. Take a yard of fabric and wash and dry it on the hottest settings (fry it good!).
  2. Cut off the selvages, even up cut edge. 
  3. Cut the fabric into 4 even parts (yes, they won’t be perfect squares- who cares?!).
  4. I don’t have a serger, so if you are like me, just do a tight zigzag stitch around all 4 sides of each napkin.  Use a coordinating color of thread.
  5. You are done!

Really, it works.  I’ve made many napkins this way and use them every day.  They don’t unravel.

I also made coasters for mom using the Martha instructions.  Have you seen those fabrics with a number of different patterns on one bolt?  I thought one I’ve seen at JoAnn’s is called Crazy Eights (has 8 different patterns), but don’t quote me on that!!  Well they are perfect for making the Martha coasters- instead of cutting a single print fabric into the 4.5″ x 10″ size, I cut the patterned fabric apart in pairs (so 4 pieces, 2 patterns per piece). The pattern runs about 5.5″, so it’s perfect.  Then I cut the pairs into 4.5″ widths.  I fold where the patterns meet, so one is on the back of the coaster, one on the front.  A quarter yard cut of fabric then makes 8 coasters!!! I think I got a smidge more than a 1/4 yard, just to account for shrinkage and cutter error.

Look! Aren’t they cute?!?

Front fabrics

Front fabrics

 Ok, I’m going to go while the gittin’s good- this blog stuff is taking up WAAAAY to much time!



The Elves are Working

August 7, 2008

I’m working away on Christmas gifts- yes, don’t hate me!  I’m trying to use my time wisely.

I just finished Kathy’s water bottle carrier on Pink Chalk Studio. It was easy and didn’t take long.  I had to use ironing board lining in place of Insulbrite- I was told it’s a suitable substitute. AND, I was able to find colored twill tape at the best store in the world, Mary Jo’s in Gastonia, NC.

water bottle carrier- tute by Pink Chalk Studio

water bottle carrier- tute by Pink Chalk Studio

On to the next task- cloth napkins, coasters and bird appliques for a quilt I designed.
Update to come later!  Bye!

Lucky Day

August 5, 2008

I was returning some movies to the library and I decided to peruse the sale table as always.  Boring stuff- paperbacks, blah blah blah.  I turned to leave, and what did I see?? A book I’ve taken out before The Decorated Page by Gwen Diehn.  Of course I snatched it up and paid my $1 to the librarian.  Wooo HOOO!!!!  This is such a pretty and useful journal and scrapbook making guide.

I also received my certificates from church to be a layreader and Eucharistic minister (I help with Communion). I’m licensed!!  I know it only applies to my church, but I had a daydream that I was on a plane or in a restaurant and someone calls out, “Is there a Eucharistic minister in the house?!?!”  And I answered, “why yes, I am.”   Ha ha ha!

But it’s an honor.  I read in church for the first time Sunday- it went well.  I even wore a cassock-alb (long white robe) with rope tie (cincture).

Gotta run!