Happy All Hallows Eve

October 31, 2008

I’m scrambling to finish up what I need to do before tonight’s trick or treating.  I made a lasagna, hemmed my costume, washed clothes, washed dishes, etc.  The candy for trick-or-treaters is already over at mother-in-law’s house- we t-or-t go over there for a better haul!! And it’s a real neighborhood- with sidewalks even!

Here’s my costume- I took this pic myself late last night.

I bought the bonnet in Natchez, MS, and miraculously found fabric that matched to make the dress!!

It makes me laugh- all I can think of is the Bad Sue Quilts– cracks me up!!  Check the past swap blocks.  I participated once- unfortunately my swap is not on there right now.  My Sue was jumping out of a cake wearing only a beaded thong!

Here’s one of my favs:

Happy Candy Day!


Little Quilt

October 27, 2008

This is the quilt top I made- it’s not perfect, and I hope my swap partner doesn’t mind.  It was paper pieced, which is easy in some respects, and hard in others- mainly getting those points just right.  The center fabric- I KNOW!!!- is a bit wonky.  My fault for using such a strong directional fabric- but it was just the right color!!!! (Which you can’t really tell in this photo…)

This is obviously just more of a close-up- I’ll post a shot of the whole quilt when I’m finished with it totally.

OH!! I entered a photo into the next ECVA online exhibit- Light of the World.  Cross your fingers!  It opens November 30.


Busy Bee

October 21, 2008

Actually today is NOT as busy as most.  Sure, I have things to do, but I’m not running all over God’s green earth to do them!  I only have to go out to give blood today- otherwise I’m home.  Well, and I plan on walking/running- blecchh.  It’s so hard when you get out of a routine to wrench yourself back. (At least I have a good excuse for stopping- broken toe)

Yesterday was my second soup swap at church- we had 7 participants and a number of onlookers.  I can’t wait till the next one in January!  Many people were unable to come yesterday but are interested.  My freezer is happy- beef vegetable, Brunswick stew, split pea, chicken and garbanzo bean, Cuban garbanzo bean, John Elway hamburger soup, pasta fagioli.

Today I NEED to finish my quilt top for for my swap.  I’ll post a pic later (today?).  It’s funny how God gives us little patience lessons- I had an idea of what I wanted to do going into this swap- and then I got my swappee’s preferences- totally different!! Which is ok- I’ve had fun planning and searching out my fabrics.

Here is a disgustingly-yummy-sounding recipe- bacon cinnamon rolls.  I know, you say, euuuhh!! Gross!!  But admit it- doens’t it taste awesome when you  spear bacon on your fork along with your pancakes and syrup???? Uh-huh, thought so……..  But just like Krispy Kreme donut bread pudding, I don’t know when I’ll make these.  I make my cinnamon rolls from scratch anyway…….might make them taste better come to think of it.

Ok- off to run, and sew my quilt.

Later!  ~S

P.S.- I saw that Sew, Mama Sew will be doing the Handmade Holidays again- I’m assuming in November.  *swoon!*  Watch for those tutorials and gift ideas!