Soup Monday- Double

February 2, 2009

Well, considering last Monday just zipped on by, I’ll have to talk about last week’s and this week’s soup.

Last Sunday was the Soup Swap- fun, successful as always.  We even had a few drop-ins, which made for about 11 swappers!  So on Monday I HAD to have one for dinner- I chose the Chicken Salsa Soup my friend Ann made.  It was SO GOOD!  I wish I had a recipe for you- I’ll work on it.  I decided to be double decadent and served it over rice…. I think.  That was a week ago, mind you………

At the swap I also picked black-eyed pea soup, a Greek chili (which we ate last week too), another chili, corn chowder, and another i can’t remember.

Toinght I am making a classic beef stew in the crock pot.  I even followed the directions- imagine that!  Well, I dind’t measure anything except the broth.  Even though it’s supposed to be about 60* today (CRAZY!!)  I thought the kids would like it.

Ok- gotta go make my lunch. (tuna salad sandwich)

Quick tip- when making tuna salad, add lots of veggies- it will add those veggies we need to eat every day, bulk up one can of tuna for many people, and it tastes awesome too.  I add chopped onion and green pepper, shredded carrot and of course chopped sweet pickle (along with the regular mayo, s&p, dash of seasoning salt- and tuna!).

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