It’s May

May 15, 2009

Goodness time flies!

No new soups recently.  I’ve been busy, and the weather has been crazy- hot, cold, rain.  I’ve also been subbing in our school district.  Quite the shock to my system!  As one girl said, I need to “get mean.”  I usually have to get another teacher to give the class the evil eye to make them quiet down.  I did high school ONCE- they scared me!  The middle school wasn’t too bad- still were loud.  My favorite so far is subbing in the preK special education class.  I was an aide to one student yesterday-that was good too.

My doll bed?  Still not painted, but more hexies have been made.  I haven’t tried to assemble them yet- guess I better get started.

I have to go sub soon, but I wanted to post about a MAY GIVEAWAY over at Sew, Mama, Sew !!!!!

I might even pull myself together and participate!!!! (Beyond going to EVERY blog and entering their drawing)

Ok- off I go.  Lots to do.  (Strawberries ame in early this year- for you too?  I have jam to make…….. tomorrow though!)