WHEW!!!  Can I say I’m relieved??  No more getting up early, no more 6 am calls asking if I’m available to substitute teach………

I got the teacher gifts done before the end of school- I made paper cake boxes filed with chocolates. My kids wanted the give gifts to not only their immediate teachers but about 10 others at school!  And wouldn’t this be great for any party or multiple gift need?  At Christmas, with a poinsettia-type flower on top- adorable.

I’m now on to other projects.   Today’s project was to make 10 dozen (yup- that’s what I said) rolls commissioned by someone at church.  Thank goodness hubby got the kids a Wii this weekend as a good grades reward (and this will be the ONLY time you will hear me say that- I’m not a video game person)- they played for hours while I baked for hours! [Although I will also say it’s addictive to make those Mii people- I’ll have to post a picture of what “I” look like]

Next up, a bit more work on the Tea I’m organizing at my church for next year- I’m SO EXCITED!  It’s a fundraising project for our ECW Outreach (we give $$ to many other groups) but it’s also a new fellowship idea.  The plan has been approved, people have volunteered for most of the committees, I have entertainment, and I decided the theme and favors already!  “May Day” is the theme- so it will be about flowers. (And the favor is the cake box from above- SHHH! Don’t tell anyone!)  But more about that later….

At home we are having our 2nd annual Midsummer’s Eve party this weekend.  I’m really praying for nice weather!!!  It was great last year, with the bon fire, and tiki torches, and candles and all (and the sangria!).

I’m also “booked” a few places this summer to speak about my 365 project, which is crazy cool.  A friend made a video for me, set to music, which has gotten rave reviews.  I’m even impressed by my own work when I see the video!!  If it ever gets posted to Youtube I’ll let you know.

It’s very late and I need some shut-eye -next time I’ll tell you about the country store auction I went to on Saturday. Man I wish I had more space for stuff and a wad of cash- bargains were to be had!

Shirts with original tags, STILL in the display case.

Shirts with original tags, STILL in the display case.



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Happy Birthday to me!

June 2, 2009

Yup, just had a birthday.  A milestone one.  We’ll leave it at that- it’s not so bad, it’s just a number, and the day before my birthday was the same as the day after- but we still won’t harp on the number…..  Anyway it’s not the dates on your tombstone but the dash in between, people!!!

I didn’t win anything at the Sew Mama Sew May Giveaway- 😦  – but that’s ok.

Back to my birthday!!  I got phone calls and e-mails galore- some surprising ones at that.  DD said she felt sorry for me, because I had to make my own birthday cake.  Well, thems the breaks when you are the baker in the house- and I didn’t want a partially-hydrogenated oil icing store cake- so I made it myself.  I wanted blueberry bars, but blueberries aren’t in season yet, so I opted for chocolate (MUCH more appropriate anyway!).

 jam cupcake

I made Martha’s jam cupcakes with chocolate frosting – quite a good and easy recipe.  I acutally followed the directions as written!  Except lowering the salt to 1/2 t. as suggested by a comment, and I only had 1 stick of unsalted butter, so I used salted in the icing and omitted salt there.  It makes a dozen cupcakes, which is great, and I had everything in my cupboard to make them (except the raspberry jam). Easy peasy!

Off to the land of normalcy………..well, not normalcy- rather, reality!


P.S.- Guess what I’m going to do this milestone year??? When it comes back to Richmond in 2010………