Happy Birthday to me!

June 2, 2009

Yup, just had a birthday.  A milestone one.  We’ll leave it at that- it’s not so bad, it’s just a number, and the day before my birthday was the same as the day after- but we still won’t harp on the number…..  Anyway it’s not the dates on your tombstone but the dash in between, people!!!

I didn’t win anything at the Sew Mama Sew May Giveaway- 😦  – but that’s ok.

Back to my birthday!!  I got phone calls and e-mails galore- some surprising ones at that.  DD said she felt sorry for me, because I had to make my own birthday cake.  Well, thems the breaks when you are the baker in the house- and I didn’t want a partially-hydrogenated oil icing store cake- so I made it myself.  I wanted blueberry bars, but blueberries aren’t in season yet, so I opted for chocolate (MUCH more appropriate anyway!).

 jam cupcake

I made Martha’s jam cupcakes with chocolate frosting – quite a good and easy recipe.  I acutally followed the directions as written!  Except lowering the salt to 1/2 t. as suggested by a comment, and I only had 1 stick of unsalted butter, so I used salted in the icing and omitted salt there.  It makes a dozen cupcakes, which is great, and I had everything in my cupboard to make them (except the raspberry jam). Easy peasy!

Off to the land of normalcy………..well, not normalcy- rather, reality!


P.S.- Guess what I’m going to do this milestone year??? When it comes back to Richmond in 2010………

2 Responses to “Happy Birthday to me!”

  1. Megan H Says:

    Happy (belated) birthday, and I’m glad to see you won something from Sew, Mama, Sew _this_ week.

    I would like to follow your blog, but I can’t find a follow or RSS feed link anywhere on it. Perhaps I’m blind? I also can’t figure out how to add it as a feed to my google homepage. :S

  2. Hi Megan! You inspired me to figure out how to start a feed, and voila!! I made one! The feed link is at the bottom of the sidebar- thank you for asking!

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