September is Here

September 1, 2009

Hello all!

I can’t believe August is gone….. school starts next week and Fall is just around the corner.  Today was quite chilly- maybe only in the 70*s.

I’m trying to figure out where to start. Ok- UFDC Doll Convention- amazing, hectic, took a while to figure out, aspects I didn’t like, but it was very good. I learned a lot.  I’d love to say I bought loads of dolls, but that is FAR from the case!  There were SERIOUS dolls and serious doll collectors there- I went to a Theriault’s auction and saw a doll go for $345,000. Plus tax and buyer’s premium….  Yeah……….

I did get a doll I wanted- Sew for Me Toni- a repro by Effanbee, but SO cute.  I have the brunette.

I also bought some vintage Toni patterns- well, 16″ doll patterns.  I’m hoping to make some clothes for a vintage Toni I have and for this new girl too.

doll Simplicity pattern

dollAdvance pattern

I love the Advance pattern- it’s a ‘Learn to Sew” pattern for children.  Anything to make it easier on me!

Here are some of my best photos from the doll show:

1920s boudoir doll

1920s boudoir doll

Beverly Walters doll- modern artist

Beverly Walters doll- modern artist

1950s/60s fashion doll

1950s/60s fashion doll

I need to get to bed- this uploading takes along time!  Angry Chicken and the other mega bloggers must have mega computers…..

I will say that I’m making scarfletts from this pattern by Fig Tree Quilts. Easy peasy gifts!!  I’ll try to take a pic of one of my finished scarfletts- I’m starting with the plain corduroy one, not the pieced and quilted one.

I’ve also been making loads of jam, but I’ll leave that- and the recipes- for the next post.

Here is a coleslaw dressing recipe that I devised MYSELF!!!  Well, I changed a recipe so much I can claim it as mine now, right?  Very simple and cheap compared to buying it pre-made.

Cole Slaw Dressing

  • ½ cup milk
  • 3 tablespoon apple cider vinegar
  • 1/2 cup mayo
  • 2 tablespoons sugar
  • A couple big pinches of celery salt (which is about 1/8 t.)
  • Salt and pepper
  • Finely minced sweet onion- @ 1 t.
  • Finely shredded carrot- @ 1-2 t.
  • Pre-shredded cabbage slaw (in the salad section of the grocery store)

Whisk all together. Let rest in fridge until chilled. If you like it thicker, add more mayo (and possibly adjust other seasonings as needed).

Toss with slaw to coat and mix well. Refrigerate.


P.S.- Check out the Craft Talk link over on the right side- under “Lovely Places”- it’s a hoot!

Bye for now ~S

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