Butterfly Tutorial

April 10, 2010

I’m going to try a tutorial!  I made these butterflies last month and thought you might like them too.  I made them as palanca for a Cursillo weekend.  This idea is not original to me- I received it as a present on my Cursillo weekend a few years ago.  I’m not sure where the butterfly came from, but I devised this tutorial myself.


  • yellow or orange foam sheet (I normally hate foam, but it’s perfect for this craft)
  • Pencil
  • Scissors- regular ones and small cuticle/fingernail (optional but helpful)
  • Black Sharpie pens- regular thick one and an ultra fine
  • White paint and small paintbrush
  • Adhesive-backed pin backs (self-sticking)

1) First make a butterfly template. I used the butterfly I had to help me out, but really you can just look at a photo (or use mine above) and draw one.  It’s easiest to sketch half of it on a folded piece of cardboard and then cut out so it is symmetrical (like making a heart).

My template was about…. 3.5″ wide?

2) Trace as many butterflies as you want/need onto the foam sheet with the pencil.  Cut them out.  This is where the cuticle scissors help!

3) Using the thicker Sharpie pen, start drawing the markings.  I photographed them in order so you can see how simple it really is.

a) body down center

b) bottom edges-thick

c) top edge- thin

d) 2 curving lines bisecting each wing

e) curves on tips of wings

f) curves on tops of wings

4) Next, using the ultra fine Sharpie, mark the fine lines.  Use my butterflies as a guide, or the butterfly photo. (sorry I don’t remember it’s link)

5) Almost done! Get out the white paint and your fine paintbrush and paint the dots.  As you can see, they are mostly along the bottom edge and tips of the wings.  And a few faint stripes at the base of the body.

Once all your babies are done, attach the pin backs by just peeling the paper off the adhesive and slapping them on!

Admire all the work you’ve done. Time to set them free!!

You could use these for palanca, to describe Easter in church, as a craft when teaching the butterfly life cycle- even have a Velma Gratch party!

I hope you liked this and it was helpful in some way.   Let me know if I was unclear……




Wait and See!!

April 9, 2010

Look out tomorrow for a tutorial to make these:

I hope the green background doesn’t annoy you too much!


April 9, 2010

I don’t know about you, but the quiet in the morning when everyone is in bed is just heavenly.  Of course I’m not talking about  the 5 a.m. morning, but 9:30 a.m. during Easter Break.  The cats are running around, the TV is off, hot tea is at hand– ahhh…..

I have lots of catching up to do- and I will!  I think I will even try to schedule posts for publishing on subsequent days—ooooh!

First up- those Christmas gifts I said forever ago I was going to post.

For the kids I made Christmas quilts and matching pillowcases. The quilts are just a simple checkerboard of 2 fabrics. Flannel on the backs.

 girl quilt

 boy quilt

Sorry for the bad photos!  Bad lighting and all…

For the grandparents I made silhouettes of the kids. Easy-peasy, looks fancy- just takes time.   I photographed the kids’ shadows (or you could photograph a side view of their heads on a light background) and then printed them on regular paper in black and white.  [Mind you, I don’t have Photoshop or such, or this could be a LOT easier] I outlined the heads in pen, cut them out, and then scanned that into the computer again.  I did this so I could print the silhouettes directly onto nice paper in the future.  I printed these onto blue paper in this case, cut them out, and mounted them on scrapbook paper in frames (all cheap, from Michaels).

Lastly I made a doll for my daughter!  I used the Mimi Kirschner pattern on purl bee.  “Virginia,” as she was named on Christmas day, was not hard to make- just time consuming.  It took me probably 6 hours to do the doll itself. (I’m sorta guessing- I started after the kids left for school and finished right before they got home. I DID have lunch and all in there too…) The dress and embellishments took a few more hours.

I used a combination of purchased wool felt and wool I felted myself.  I really like her hair- it’s plaid! I thought that was cool to infer highlights and shades and all instead of plain monotone brown.

I have 2 more partially done- well, one started and one planned in my head!!

And lastly I decorated these houses (for ME!)- bought at Michaels. I wanted them to look vintage, and they came out more Mary Englebreit. Still very cute!  I used those crazy cheap Christmas picks for decoration- I thought I was smart to use them for trees and bushes.  The only problem was that they melted easily in the hot glue- made it tricky.  The other decorations were tiny tree ornaments and pipe cleaners.

That’s it for now!