Who can really explain “who” they are??  Isn’t it a life-long pursuit, and changes day to day?  I’ll take whack at it though.

  1. I am currently a stay-at-home mom, married to a wonderful public servant
  2. I am interested in TOO many things and I flit from project to project like a gnat!  Primarily I’m into quilting, sewing in general, embroidery, cooking………..
  3. Our family lives outside Richmond, Virginia
  4. I’m heavily involved in my church, like it or lump it dear readers!  This is America, so respect my religion- you don’t have to necessarily agree with me.
  5. I’m also “my father’s daughter,” so I’m not always prim and proper by ANY means!
  6. I have degrees in Historic Preservation (BA) and Folk Studies (MA), so I’m trained to be a professional waitress.
  7. I like sock monkeys, stuff from the 30s, pincushions, birds, the color green, cheese, most anything odd-ball and out-of-the-ordinary. 

That’s it for now—

Stick Figure Family at FreeFlashToys.com
Make your Stick Figure Family at FreeFlashToys.com


One Response to “About Me”

  1. Jackie Capecci Says:

    Samantha, I’ve so enjoyed perusing your website! Thanks for inviting me to the “Soup Swap.” I’ll be there and I think I’m going to bring Italian Wedding Soup and/or Turkey Chili. My sister, Kathy Moon, is going to come, too. She’ll e-mail you. Again, thanks, and I look forward to the 22nd!

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