April 9, 2010

I don’t know about you, but the quiet in the morning when everyone is in bed is just heavenly.  Of course I’m not talking about  the 5 a.m. morning, but 9:30 a.m. during Easter Break.  The cats are running around, the TV is off, hot tea is at hand– ahhh…..

I have lots of catching up to do- and I will!  I think I will even try to schedule posts for publishing on subsequent days—ooooh!

First up- those Christmas gifts I said forever ago I was going to post.

For the kids I made Christmas quilts and matching pillowcases. The quilts are just a simple checkerboard of 2 fabrics. Flannel on the backs.

 girl quilt

 boy quilt

Sorry for the bad photos!  Bad lighting and all…

For the grandparents I made silhouettes of the kids. Easy-peasy, looks fancy- just takes time.   I photographed the kids’ shadows (or you could photograph a side view of their heads on a light background) and then printed them on regular paper in black and white.  [Mind you, I don’t have Photoshop or such, or this could be a LOT easier] I outlined the heads in pen, cut them out, and then scanned that into the computer again.  I did this so I could print the silhouettes directly onto nice paper in the future.  I printed these onto blue paper in this case, cut them out, and mounted them on scrapbook paper in frames (all cheap, from Michaels).

Lastly I made a doll for my daughter!  I used the Mimi Kirschner pattern on purl bee.  “Virginia,” as she was named on Christmas day, was not hard to make- just time consuming.  It took me probably 6 hours to do the doll itself. (I’m sorta guessing- I started after the kids left for school and finished right before they got home. I DID have lunch and all in there too…) The dress and embellishments took a few more hours.

I used a combination of purchased wool felt and wool I felted myself.  I really like her hair- it’s plaid! I thought that was cool to infer highlights and shades and all instead of plain monotone brown.

I have 2 more partially done- well, one started and one planned in my head!!

And lastly I decorated these houses (for ME!)- bought at Michaels. I wanted them to look vintage, and they came out more Mary Englebreit. Still very cute!  I used those crazy cheap Christmas picks for decoration- I thought I was smart to use them for trees and bushes.  The only problem was that they melted easily in the hot glue- made it tricky.  The other decorations were tiny tree ornaments and pipe cleaners.

That’s it for now!


Hello Out There!

May 6, 2007

I was surprised to see me as the “featured blog” in the latest Kids Craft Weekly!!  It’s a great newsletter.  Hello to all you who came to peek in on me!

I’m having one of those weeks- the kind you hope is quiet, but is NOT.  My MIL is still in the hospital, I’m dealing (well actually dealt) with a someone questioning my integrity (they were WAY off base and need to examine their own guilty thoughts!), helping someone with problems that are WAY out of my league, etc.  But, if this is what God wants, then that’s ok.   It’s those trying unknown times that allow God’s grace to seep in and fill us up, if we only ask and patiently wait.  I have a book called Streams in the Desert by L.B. Cowman- awesome when one needs encouragement.

I can’t believe it’s MAY already!! I’m behind in many things, but I’m very behind in my Christmas planning. Yes, I said THAT!!!  I like to make many of my gifts- budgetting necessitates it and I just like to make stuff.   And if I use seasonal items I can’t start in November!!! Here are some things I’m considering:

I’m off to put little ones to bed and get ready for the week! 

Thanks for visiting!!

Again I’m having trouble posting……….  I’ll continue.

I finished and mailed my pincushion challenge.  My recipient, Debbi, is so nice and she wrote about me on her blog!!  Thanks Debbi for the kind words.  My package included a Martha Stewart squirrel favor filled with acorn pincushions, chocolates shaped like fruit and nuts and Squirrel Nut Zippers (get it?!  Ha ha!); a tape measure and a cherry needle booklet made of silk and felt.

My grandmother’s quilt is finished too- The whole thing now.  Her 85th birthday and party was in September, and I made a signature quilt top.  This is the top after I put the borders on.  This and this are close-ups of the applique.  I sent the quilt away to be professionally quilted, and they did an AWESOME job!!!  It’s stunning.  Here is the back and here is the front.  You HAVE to check it out.  I can’t wait to see it in person. Lyon Den Quilting did the work and they are top notch.  They quilted a wedding quilt I made a few years ago too.

Hopefully I will go on another quilt or two before Christmas.   I have some handmade gifts still to….make.

 “The boy” is telling me he wants lunch, so I guess I better go.  (What?!?! I have to feed him more than ONCE a day?!?!)

Bye for now!

Stuff and stuff and stuff

November 25, 2006

Yes, I’m a horrible blogger.  Not knowing exactly what I’m doing coupled with an old home computer DOES slow me down.  Let’s see if this post will take……..

 Ok, since last we met— I don’t even remember!  Since early October I’ve been franctically working on making things for a craft bazaar at my church.  Well, ok………I’ve known about the show in early October, I started REALLY crankin’ the good out in early November. The hubby was away on a hunting trip for 2 weeks and when i was able to squeak out the time, I was sewing.  I had to shovel out a place at the dining room table for the kids to eat!!!

 But it went well- I feel energized and like I’m moving back toward where I should be.  I haven’t sold anything in at least 8 years!!  It’s nice when people like what you do so much they’ll pay money for it.  So many people had no idea what I have done or can do. (Like the fact that I made all the  bouquets, corsages, bout.s, etc. for my wedding.  Out of ribbon.)

 Here are some photos:  I used some of my old props from when I used to sell at shows.  This is the end of the table with my ribbonry.  In this photo you see a bunch of stuff.  Down on this end of the table was my felted sweater bags and ham bags.   Yes, HAM BAGS – a big hit here in Virginia.  they are purses/back packs. 

Other winners were the acorn pincushions and the strawberry pincushions

I was very happy with the show.

 Now we are on to Christmas though, and I’m WOEFULLY behind!  I have some ideas- I’ll show you later. 

And as soon as I have my pincushion challenge swap package ready (should be tomorrow) I’ll post a picture of that too.  My ideas were mighty cute if I say so myself!!


I've accomplished a lot in the past week. 

I still don't know how to insert big photos in this blog- links will have to do- sorry.

The Bad Sues were mailed Tuesday- a day late, but they are gone!  I'm pleased. Check her out.

I bought MORE sweaters to felt for purses!! Here is the pink one from the other week- I get lots of compliments on this.

This past week I cranked out some bunnies from the Wee Wonderful pattern- they are cute!! I'm going to put them in the kids' Easter baskets.  I like to give them a new bunny each year.

And last night I made felted eggs– SO COOL!!!! The felt is over styrofoam eggs, so they will last forever.  I need to find someplace that sells wool roving…………….

Tonight we are celebrating Hunter's (the chocolate lab) birthday.  He's 2 years old.  I need to buzz to the grocery store for pork chops and tater tots and such.  So said DH.  Then I'm back home to make the cake- yes, I'm that insane to make a CAKE for the dog.  Actually I have a cake in the freezer- I just need to make icing. Unfortunately no chocolate.

I think we'll eat outside- it's supposed to get up to 79* today!  HOT DOG!!

In just 6 days the kids and I are off for our Easter/Spring Break trip!  We will go to my good friend Beth's house in Charlotte then continue down to Hotlanta, Jaw-juh for almost a week.  We'll be back for Maundy Thursday- I don't want to miss it.

Maybe I'll have some knitting done- I finally started my poncho (I'll find the link later).  It seemed very wrong at first- doesn't all knitting???- but it's ironed out and looks good.  the circular needles are cool- I love not having to switch hands.

OOOHHHHH!!! Score- I bought a knitting kit at Target for $3.47- 75% off!  And it's so cute- a capelet with a knitted flower.  It came with the yarn, cicruclar needles, an instructional DVD, tapestry needle. You can't by the yarn for that price!!! I got one for my good friend Theresa (don't read this Theresa!!) for her birthday.  I thought it would be better than me trying to teach her alone- I'm a leftie and she's not.

I need to get to the grocery store- blecch.  Bye for now!

Thursday at the Library

March 23, 2006

 Our computer is all wonky at home- I’m working at the library instead.  Can’t beat that fast connection!

 Unfortunately I can’t insert a disk to upload pictures- BUMMER!  I was all set to show you some more stuff.

I made one batch of felted bags- very cool.  Once you get the hang of it, it’s easy.  Here is the link to the instructions.  I just felted four more sweaters today!! Christmas will be taken care of in NO time………. This project came from the book Altered Knits by Leigh Radford.  I haven’t seen the book for real but the reviews around the web are favorable.

I’m almost done with my “Bad Sue”s.  I’m down to appliqueing the bonnets and then the embroidery. No sweat! The swap coordinator has already started posting some of the entries.

Ray is sitting beside me playing his own computer games.  I realized today the library has headphones for kids to do online games- now Ray can sit beside me while I work- SWEET! We really like Boowa and Kwala.

My goodness- I almost forgot- I hung with a cool crafty SAHM friend on Tuesday- our boys are in the same preschool class.  We had SO much fun— and we felted!!! I’ve been avoiding it because I know I’ll like it.  I’m right!  We are going to get together again to make Easter eggs- beautiful….

My project for Friday is to crank out some bunnies using Wee Wonderful’s free pattern– I love her!!

Mom is coming this weekend- hi MOM!! Gotta clean too……yikes……….