Say it Ain’t So!!

April 21, 2009


Hallmark Magazine, which I really like, is no more.  This sucks.  Too many good magazine are folding.  And WHY don’t they keep their websites up?!?!  Mary Englebreit, and now Hallmark- all the templates and recipes and stuff are gone.  They are big companies- can’t they just stay there, static??

Moving on……… I’m glad Easter is over. I mean I love Easter, but all the hoop-la of the past month is done, and I’m glad.  We had a quilt raffle at church (no I DON’T know how much we made yet, thank you for asking- we are counting this week!) and it is over.

Right now I’m working on a project- very cute.  I’m going to the UFDC convention in Atlanta this summer (my 1st time), and one thing they ask for is donation for their “helper room”- technically NOT a raffle.  You can buy chances and put your name in the hat for whatever you like. Well, I saw a doll bed at the Salvation Army and decided I’m going to fix it up and take it.  This is what it looks like now:

doll bed- before

Why did everyone paint everything that yucky brownish- yellow color anyway?  I’m going to repaint it, sew a mattress and pillow and linens.

And on top of that- (literally)- will be what I’m currently working on- a bed spread or quilt of some sort.  I sound so wishy-washy bec. I have a few irons in the oven at once- I’m not sure which will get done first!  I have daughter working on a yo-yo coverlet- she’s really taken to it and can make them from knotting the thread to the end. (I love to see kids sew!) 

I myself and doing what I said I’d never do, unless I was incarcerated for life- English paper piecing, or Grandma’s Flower Garden.  It’s all by hand. Yup.  And for a doll bed, the pieces have to be pretty small.

little hexies

I have more than just these made- this is just an illustration of what it will look like.  I’ve estimated that I will need over 200 of those buggers- HA HA HA!!!  And not just basted, as shown, but actually sewn TOGETHER.  And going full circle, this is why I say I have a couple irons in the oven for the doll bed covering.  But it’s fun.

I need to get some things done today, but I did make this soup last night- Spinach Lentil soup.  As always I kinda followed the recipe.  More lentils (about 1/2 lb.), more sausage, added garlic, cumin, garam masala, more broth than water, etc.   Mine turned out very thick- less a soup than just a dish.  Daughter amazingly liked it and asked for it in her lunch tomorrow!

Till next time!



Where have you been??

June 15, 2008

Where have I been?  Where have YOU been?!?!?

I’ve been……..busy.  Like one-armed paper hanger busy. I had 2 jobs for a while, in addition to my job as chief bottle washer and meal maker. (This is where I do my bad imitation of the Jamaican family on In Living Color- remember that??)

But, now it’s Summer, and rug-rats are out of school…….whooo HOOO!!!  At least I don’t have to pack lunchboxes or get up at 6:30 a.m. for a while.  But, I will be constantly surrounded by the kids.

I’ll give an update on other stuff later (isn’t that the death-knell for me?  hopefully I’ll do it).  I’m working on the Father’s Day meal. The typical ribs, macaroni salad, spinach, coconut cake, etc. DH and the kids are out canoeing and I’m ALONE!!!! Happy MOTHER’S Day!!!!

Here is something funny:
Logo There are
people with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?


It even gives one stats about your given and surname!

Here’s my maiden name:
Logo There is
person with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

I SO want to know who she is!!! 

I made these refrigerator pickles yesterday- pretty good.  I added pickling spices and an extra 1/2 c. of vinegar- and i used 1c. white vinegar, 1/2 c. apple cider.

If you are a former 80s teenager, this video will bring back lots of memories.

And lastly, if you like utterly stupid humor, watch this. Hilarious! At least the first time you see it……..

I’m off to cook and do a little cleaning.

P.S.- I’m still doing my photo-a-day project! Half done, 6 months to go.

Outta Here

July 16, 2007

It’s late, but I’m up doing some last minute things before we leave tomorrow on vacation.  I’m really a pack-and-have-everything-ready-before-you-go-to-sleep person, but I asked DH to help me carry some heavy things to the car, and he convinced me to wait until early in the morning.  I’m not comfortable with that, but I’ll do it.  I like going to sleep with a clear “conscience” or whatever the word is, that everything is finished.

I’ve been going to the Farmer’s Market on Saturdays- I’m happy to say my daughter told me she likes beets better than potatoes!!!  We’ve been buying little beets and roasting them whole in the oven.  They look like baby rats- seriously!!- with the tails and everything.  I’ll post a picture when DH downloads it off his camera.

I also picked blueberries alone Saturday morning- more berry therapy after VBS!!!!  I can’t wait till I can make my blueberry cherry jam– it reminds me of Michigan.

Tomorrow we are off for MI- with a stop at a friend’s house in Ohio, so no non-stop 14+ hour trip.

I’ll write if I can- I know I can go to the tiny little town library and use the computer.  I’m taking some sewing projects to work on up there.  I hope to make a skirt out of old jeans- see directions in the book Alternacrafts or here.

I guess I should try to get some sleep.  Bye!



July 12, 2007

Where is my summer??  I’m tired.  Dog tired. 

I went to the 400th anniversary of Jamestown and the Anglican church in the New World Eucharist in June- cool.  Then I had my high school reunion the following weekend in PA- awesome to see everyone and re-connect.  Took the 5 hour+ train ride up and back (fun!). 

But am I done? No…….

We have Vacation Bible School this week at church and I am in charge of the acting portion.  I DID get someone to act on 2 of the 5 days, but I do the other three.  AND like a dingy I said SURE!! I can do a separate program for the preschoolers!! 

It really isn’t that bad- it just takes up a whole week and it’s…….tiring.

Last night I finally got around to dealing with the cherries I bought 2 weeks ago.  They are in remarkable good condition with only a few bad ones.   I still don’t have time to make my jam (see above) and besides I haven’t picked blueberries yet, so I dried some of the cherries.  Considering dried cherries cost about $8 a pound, this is a bargain.

I don’t have a cherry pitter, so I used the old paper clip pitting trick.  It works, kinda.  Faster than with just a knife, but still not as pretty as the pictures.  Maybe it’s because my paper clip is cheap and the cherries are not overly-ripe (meaning soft).

I’m going to take a nap- I’m a bit cranky- a gallon of milk and the pineapple rolled out of my car when I popped the hatch after I got home.  I had to deal with spewing milk and a dented pineapple- B-E-A-U-tiful.

As soon as VBS is over I need to plan and prepare and pack for the annual family trip to the farm in MI- 14 hour drive.

Where’s my pillow……..

School’s Out!

June 14, 2007

Today was the last day of school.   Whooooooo- HOOOOO!!!  I still get excited at snow days and holidays, even if I am not the one in school.  I picked up my child at school and the school buses circled around and around in front of the school like cowboys at a rodeo.  The teachers stood on the front sidewalk with paper tears taped to their cheeks, waving, while the children leaned out of the bus windows smiling and waving and yelling wildly.  It was great!

Once the kids get their fill of TV we’ll start on our summer project.  Last year we attempted to collect postcards from every state in the union- mailed to the kids from that particular state.  I think we ended up with 3/4 and at least five foreign countries!!!

This year we might do a letter writing/pen pal project.  Writing at least one letter a week, sending special things, etc. Of course to be a penpal the other kid has to be committed to it also, and that’s why I haven’t decided 100%.

I finished the elephant baby quilt top I started for a friend.  Now I need to quilt it.  I’ll post pictures soon.  I like how the appliques turned out.

Baby elephant quilt   Here is the photo to the right again, a close-up of the baby, a close-up of the mama, a detail shot of the clouds, and the whole quilt (showing the borders).  The borders aren’t perfect, but what ya gonna do with a plaid!!

OH! And thanks be to God, those little eggs in that little nest finally hatched today!!! I’ve been worried sick that they weren’t viable- it’s been at least 6 weeks!!  I’m not sure how many are hatched- I don’t want to spook the mother away from her babies.  I peeked and saw a couple tiny open mouths- their little heads are the size of peas!!

One more thing- watch the show Creature Comforts on CBS- it’s hilarious!!  I watched it online- I was laughing out loud.  It’s claymation done by the Wallace & Grommit guys.  Check it out!

Tea for Two

April 23, 2007

My daughter and I went to a Mothers Daughters and Friends Tea yesterday to benefit the Dinwiddie/McKenney Woman’s Club.  It was a glorious day- well over 80*, sunny and breezy.  The home we visited was beautifully appointed and it sat over-looking a lake and horse pasture.  All the ladies (and few gentlemen, like the minister) sat on the back deck or on the lawn or pergola.  The hostess’s sister brought a gaggle of ducklings which delighted the children.  Lovely!!  At the end we received a cute little party favor.

You can imagine the food- YUM-O. Chicken salad in those little pastry cups, pimento cheese sandwiches, salmon mousse, cheese and crackers, PB&J for the kids, cheese straws, lemon squares, all kinds of cookies like macaroons and such.

I love tea- it’s so fun.  I used to have tea a lot- fun little tea parties to large ones for groups.  I have a tea pot purse like this but mine is green.

Everyone cringes at the thought of having tea, but it is SO easy!! All you need is a table, cute napkins, a few eats and the tea!!! A small vase of flowers and you have decorations!!  Tea is about people, not which pinkie finger is in the air!  And it’a a great excuse to put on a cute hat.

Here are some good links to get you started:

Sandwiches, Quick Tips and Etiquette, Links and how-tos, More theme ideas.

One of my favorite recipes- lavender lemonade.  Sure to knock the socks off everyone- they will think you are Martha Stewart’s long-lost 2nd daughter!!!

I need to get going on my LOOONG to-do list…….Bye!

Ok, enough is ENOUGH

August 12, 2006

This is the THIRD time I’ve tried to post a message.  Each time I try to save it POOF!! IT’s gone.  I’m steaming mad now……..  

Now you get the really REALLY abbreviated version of my post.    

The family unit is trying a new adventure- letterboxing. It’s a combination of hiking and treasure hunting. Check it out!  We’re off to buy supplies for our adventure- hopefully I can post again soon w/o it disappearing into cyberspace………