Thursday at the Library

March 23, 2006

 Our computer is all wonky at home- I’m working at the library instead.  Can’t beat that fast connection!

 Unfortunately I can’t insert a disk to upload pictures- BUMMER!  I was all set to show you some more stuff.

I made one batch of felted bags- very cool.  Once you get the hang of it, it’s easy.  Here is the link to the instructions.  I just felted four more sweaters today!! Christmas will be taken care of in NO time………. This project came from the book Altered Knits by Leigh Radford.  I haven’t seen the book for real but the reviews around the web are favorable.

I’m almost done with my “Bad Sue”s.  I’m down to appliqueing the bonnets and then the embroidery. No sweat! The swap coordinator has already started posting some of the entries.

Ray is sitting beside me playing his own computer games.  I realized today the library has headphones for kids to do online games- now Ray can sit beside me while I work- SWEET! We really like Boowa and Kwala.

My goodness- I almost forgot- I hung with a cool crafty SAHM friend on Tuesday- our boys are in the same preschool class.  We had SO much fun— and we felted!!! I’ve been avoiding it because I know I’ll like it.  I’m right!  We are going to get together again to make Easter eggs- beautiful….

My project for Friday is to crank out some bunnies using Wee Wonderful’s free pattern– I love her!!

Mom is coming this weekend- hi MOM!! Gotta clean too……yikes……….