I've accomplished a lot in the past week. 

I still don't know how to insert big photos in this blog- links will have to do- sorry.

The Bad Sues were mailed Tuesday- a day late, but they are gone!  I'm pleased. Check her out.

I bought MORE sweaters to felt for purses!! Here is the pink one from the other week- I get lots of compliments on this.

This past week I cranked out some bunnies from the Wee Wonderful pattern- they are cute!! I'm going to put them in the kids' Easter baskets.  I like to give them a new bunny each year.

And last night I made felted eggs– SO COOL!!!! The felt is over styrofoam eggs, so they will last forever.  I need to find someplace that sells wool roving…………….

Tonight we are celebrating Hunter's (the chocolate lab) birthday.  He's 2 years old.  I need to buzz to the grocery store for pork chops and tater tots and such.  So said DH.  Then I'm back home to make the cake- yes, I'm that insane to make a CAKE for the dog.  Actually I have a cake in the freezer- I just need to make icing. Unfortunately no chocolate.

I think we'll eat outside- it's supposed to get up to 79* today!  HOT DOG!!

In just 6 days the kids and I are off for our Easter/Spring Break trip!  We will go to my good friend Beth's house in Charlotte then continue down to Hotlanta, Jaw-juh for almost a week.  We'll be back for Maundy Thursday- I don't want to miss it.

Maybe I'll have some knitting done- I finally started my poncho (I'll find the link later).  It seemed very wrong at first- doesn't all knitting???- but it's ironed out and looks good.  the circular needles are cool- I love not having to switch hands.

OOOHHHHH!!! Score- I bought a knitting kit at Target for $3.47- 75% off!  And it's so cute- a capelet with a knitted flower.  It came with the yarn, cicruclar needles, an instructional DVD, tapestry needle. You can't by the yarn for that price!!! I got one for my good friend Theresa (don't read this Theresa!!) for her birthday.  I thought it would be better than me trying to teach her alone- I'm a leftie and she's not.

I need to get to the grocery store- blecch.  Bye for now!