Butterfly Tutorial

April 10, 2010

I’m going to try a tutorial!  I made these butterflies last month and thought you might like them too.  I made them as palanca for a Cursillo weekend.  This idea is not original to me- I received it as a present on my Cursillo weekend a few years ago.  I’m not sure where the butterfly came from, but I devised this tutorial myself.


  • yellow or orange foam sheet (I normally hate foam, but it’s perfect for this craft)
  • Pencil
  • Scissors- regular ones and small cuticle/fingernail (optional but helpful)
  • Black Sharpie pens- regular thick one and an ultra fine
  • White paint and small paintbrush
  • Adhesive-backed pin backs (self-sticking)

1) First make a butterfly template. I used the butterfly I had to help me out, but really you can just look at a photo (or use mine above) and draw one.  It’s easiest to sketch half of it on a folded piece of cardboard and then cut out so it is symmetrical (like making a heart).

My template was about…. 3.5″ wide?

2) Trace as many butterflies as you want/need onto the foam sheet with the pencil.  Cut them out.  This is where the cuticle scissors help!

3) Using the thicker Sharpie pen, start drawing the markings.  I photographed them in order so you can see how simple it really is.

a) body down center

b) bottom edges-thick

c) top edge- thin

d) 2 curving lines bisecting each wing

e) curves on tips of wings

f) curves on tops of wings

4) Next, using the ultra fine Sharpie, mark the fine lines.  Use my butterflies as a guide, or the butterfly photo. (sorry I don’t remember it’s link)

5) Almost done! Get out the white paint and your fine paintbrush and paint the dots.  As you can see, they are mostly along the bottom edge and tips of the wings.  And a few faint stripes at the base of the body.

Once all your babies are done, attach the pin backs by just peeling the paper off the adhesive and slapping them on!

Admire all the work you’ve done. Time to set them free!!

You could use these for palanca, to describe Easter in church, as a craft when teaching the butterfly life cycle- even have a Velma Gratch party!

I hope you liked this and it was helpful in some way.   Let me know if I was unclear……




How do they do it?

August 14, 2008

I don’t know how bloggers with kids like Angry Chicken keep up a blog, and have interesting photos and tutorials and crafts and Etsy items, AND take care of their families!!!  I’m only able to add to this one because the kids are still with grandparents.  I only have 2 days left however……….

So on with the crafts!

I painted this: a doll house.  I bought it at Michaels– it’s actually a CD holder.  Who is it for? Me.  Why?  Because.  I’m going to put some of my little dolls and little minis in it- including my cute Re-Ment dishes (I swear I could get drunk off these adorable little things!!).   I made a blueberry pie and a cherry pie for the house.  Now I need curtains and furniture!  And shelves……… More pics to come as it progresses……….

I’m happy with the dozen napkins I made for gifts this week.  Here are the ones for my mom- my grama made her black and white placemats and I found this PERFECT fabric for napkins.

I’ve never attempted a tutorial for anything (maybe one day), but here is my way of making not-for-having-Martha-over-for-lunch napkins. 

  1. Take a yard of fabric and wash and dry it on the hottest settings (fry it good!).
  2. Cut off the selvages, even up cut edge. 
  3. Cut the fabric into 4 even parts (yes, they won’t be perfect squares- who cares?!).
  4. I don’t have a serger, so if you are like me, just do a tight zigzag stitch around all 4 sides of each napkin.  Use a coordinating color of thread.
  5. You are done!

Really, it works.  I’ve made many napkins this way and use them every day.  They don’t unravel.

I also made coasters for mom using the Martha instructions.  Have you seen those fabrics with a number of different patterns on one bolt?  I thought one I’ve seen at JoAnn’s is called Crazy Eights (has 8 different patterns), but don’t quote me on that!!  Well they are perfect for making the Martha coasters- instead of cutting a single print fabric into the 4.5″ x 10″ size, I cut the patterned fabric apart in pairs (so 4 pieces, 2 patterns per piece). The pattern runs about 5.5″, so it’s perfect.  Then I cut the pairs into 4.5″ widths.  I fold where the patterns meet, so one is on the back of the coaster, one on the front.  A quarter yard cut of fabric then makes 8 coasters!!! I think I got a smidge more than a 1/4 yard, just to account for shrinkage and cutter error.

Look! Aren’t they cute?!?

Front fabrics

Front fabrics

 Ok, I’m going to go while the gittin’s good- this blog stuff is taking up WAAAAY to much time!