Wait and See!!

April 9, 2010

Look out tomorrow for a tutorial to make these:

I hope the green background doesn’t annoy you too much!


Little Quilt

October 27, 2008

This is the quilt top I made- it’s not perfect, and I hope my swap partner doesn’t mind.  It was paper pieced, which is easy in some respects, and hard in others- mainly getting those points just right.  The center fabric- I KNOW!!!- is a bit wonky.  My fault for using such a strong directional fabric- but it was just the right color!!!! (Which you can’t really tell in this photo…)

This is obviously just more of a close-up- I’ll post a shot of the whole quilt when I’m finished with it totally.

OH!! I entered a photo into the next ECVA online exhibit- Light of the World.  Cross your fingers!  It opens November 30.


Lucky Day

August 5, 2008

I was returning some movies to the library and I decided to peruse the sale table as always.  Boring stuff- paperbacks, blah blah blah.  I turned to leave, and what did I see?? A book I’ve taken out before The Decorated Page by Gwen Diehn.  Of course I snatched it up and paid my $1 to the librarian.  Wooo HOOO!!!!  This is such a pretty and useful journal and scrapbook making guide.

I also received my certificates from church to be a layreader and Eucharistic minister (I help with Communion). I’m licensed!!  I know it only applies to my church, but I had a daydream that I was on a plane or in a restaurant and someone calls out, “Is there a Eucharistic minister in the house?!?!”  And I answered, “why yes, I am.”   Ha ha ha!

But it’s an honor.  I read in church for the first time Sunday- it went well.  I even wore a cassock-alb (long white robe) with rope tie (cincture).

Gotta run!

Summer Fun

July 30, 2008

Hello kiddies!!

I’m back from our trip to Michigan.  Had a great time, too short as always.  While there I biked on the local Rail Trail– beautiful!!! So peaceful.  I saw turkeys and lots of chipmunks.

On the ride up and back the kids and I listened to the Narnia books on CD– totally cool!! I highly recommend this collection by Focus on the Family.  In total it’s 22 hours long. 

While in Michigan I went to a lot of yard sales, commuity rummage sales and some thrift stores. Bargains galore!!!  Bale top glass jars, a glass candy jar with glass lid,  boxes of canning jars for like $1, a 3’x5′ real oil painting of ships at sea for DS for $5 (no kidding!!! i had to put it in his room in MI- too big for the car ride home), a dozen miniature trees for my Christmas scene for 25 cents per pair, etc.

One of my favorite find were little vintage Christmas elf ornaments, marked “Japan.”  I almost wigged when i saw them- in perfect shape, nothing missing, adorable.  And (*sit down*) they were a quarter each!!!!!

We also went up to Tawas City to “the beach.”  It was nice and family-oriented- not flashy.  There are so many cute cottages to stay in! I think we actually stayed in East Tawas.  Oscoda is nice too- they have a tea shop.

We stopped at the Williams Cheese Co. on the beach trip.  I had flashed of Willie Wonka’s oompaloompas while watching the white-coated and hair-netted ladies slicing and packaging cheese behind the glass window in the processing area.

I didn’t work on ANY of my sewing projects I took to Michigan 😦 . Hopefully this summer before school starts again. I want to make a funky calico bird quilt- I’ll show you once it’s under construction.

I need to go do some chores, but the last thing I want to recommmend are the Goosberry Patch Christmas books- there are now nine of them.  SO MANY good recipes!!!  I photocopied a zillion pages from the library in Michigan.

Off to accomplish something…….. bye!

Party Time

June 18, 2008

I decided to have a MidSummer’s Eve party.  It’s a party/art show for my kids.  They love to draw and create- this way they can show off their work and we all can enjoy some nibbles and a beautiful night.  It’s been in the low 80*s recently after a spate of 100*+ days, so it will be perfect.

I’d love to say I thunk it up all by myself, but I didn’t.  I found the art show idea here.  I was researching summer projects for kids.  Isn’t that great?  Although instead of kids coming over and doing the art, I decided to just have my kids do it.  School JUST let out, and most people are coping with the new schedule.

 What am I serving?  Glad you asked!  I plan to have decorated cut-out butter cookies; a sort of bean dip with black beans, brown rice, lentils, peppers, onion, tomatoes, cilantro, etc. (with tortilla chips); cheese and crackers; curried chickpeas;  strawberries and grapes, and baby new potatoes.  And then I’ll have a variety of drinks like lavender lemonade, sangria, blackcurrant juice and fizzy water, etc.  Sounds good, doesn’t it??  Not very Scandinavian, but that doesn’t matter.

Well, the chickpeas are finished baking and my laundry is done, so I should get some shut-eye.

OH!!! One last project- I started this Martha purse– and I will finish it and make another one. 

I didn’t think it was hard- I only have the stitching on the handles yet to do.  I DO suggest clipping and pressing the seams open- something they fail to do.  I mean, with all the curves- DUH!!!  And the outer and inner fabrics don’t lay together right if you don’t. The handles are a bit wonky- you can’t clip the seams, so the curves aren’t exactly smooth.  But it’s quite easy and looks cute.


Ok, enough is ENOUGH

August 12, 2006

This is the THIRD time I’ve tried to post a message.  Each time I try to save it POOF!! IT’s gone.  I’m steaming mad now……..  

Now you get the really REALLY abbreviated version of my post.    

The family unit is trying a new adventure- letterboxing. It’s a combination of hiking and treasure hunting. Check it out!  We’re off to buy supplies for our adventure- hopefully I can post again soon w/o it disappearing into cyberspace………

Laugh your butt off

June 8, 2006

Ok, I HAVE to post these links to videos– they are SO funny.  Need a laugh?  Here you go~~ you are most welcome………..

 Pirates of the Caribbean cereal commercial

 Captain Jack sings volume II

Life Of Captain Monkey-Cereal The Great