BRRRR it’s cold outside!
Let’s get together and have some fun!
Sunday, January 31st now Sunday February 7th, after the 10:30 am service (about noon)

Christ & Grace Episcopal Church- 1545 S. Sycamore St., Petersburg

Who can come? You and anyone else you care to invite! (and please do! Tell your friends, sister, mom, dad, etc. )

What do you do? Each person brings six quarts of frozen homemade soup in six labeled disposable containers (remember- potatoes and cream soups don’t freeze particularly well). This way everyone gets the same amt. of soup in the same size containers back. 

Do I have to bring that much?!?  NO!  If due to freezer space you would like bring fewer than six quarts, that’s perfectly fine.  Your participation is more important to us than a “strict” rule.  But the more soup there is to swap, the more fun we have!

What will we do with it? We will first tell about our soups and then swap them, so you get a wonderful mix of soups for your freezer!  (Be prepared to tell about your soup, it’s origin, ingredients and what makes your soup special!)

What else will we do? Have some refreshments and chat. Please feel free to bring a snack or appetizer-y food to share!

Can I participate without actually being there? Yes, but you won’t get to choose the soups you get back.

Anything else? Please bring a can of soup for the church’s food pantry!

RSVP to Samantha’s e-mail with the type of soup you will make (so we won’t be too overloaded with one kind or another.)

Questions? Call Samantha at home.


Here are some helpful links if you are interested……..

National Soup Swap Day

The Gracious Bowl ~ Tips on Freezing, Storing, and Reheating Soup

Some tips from Reader’s Digest

  • To cool soup quickly before freezing, place the kettle in a sink filled with ice water. When cool, transfer to airtight freezer-safe containers, leaving 1/4-in. headspace for expansion.
  • Most soups freeze nicely. The exceptions are soups made with cream and potatoes. Those are better when eaten fresh.
  • Pasta in soup can get mushy in the freezer. It’s best to add the pasta when ready to eat, not before freezing.
  • To help retain their fantastic flavor, don’t freeze soups for longer than 3 months.
  • Thaw soup completely in the refrigerator and reheat in a saucepan.

All Recipes- Soups, Stews and Chilis


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